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Welcome to Life Cycle Therapies

Welcome to Life Cycle Therapies where a wide range of holistic therapies are offered, all designed to help you to reach your fullest potential. These include individual sessions and accredited training courses. All sessions can be done either in person or via Zoom, so physically or online.


Take the time to cleanse, clear and balance your energy to get the very best out of life and spiritual pursuits.


Once your energy is free and clear, ensure that you are grounded, rooted into your body, heart and life.


Balance your energy, body, vibration and frequency. Look to your Chakras and adjust as necessary.


Ensure that you are energetically protected and strong at all times whilst working with energy, spirit and psychic awareness.

Mind, Body and Spirit Packages

Feel alive and thrive. Strengthen your core understanding of what you need to sustain you so that you can not only feel alive, but thrive. Achieve your desires.

Book a Free 30 minute Consultation

If you would like to chat to me about your needs prior to booking a session, please book a call below. Many client’s are interested in several of the therapies offered and are unsure which they should start with. Working with energy has such an incredible impact on the mind, body and spirit, and i cant wait to talk to you. Big Love, Trace

How to Support Yourself

Sometimes when feeling overwhelmed, anxious or out of sorts, it can be really hard to know how to get help, and where to start. Included below are some quick and simple tips that may be of benefit.

  • Self Care.

    We often get so busy looking after others that we forget to take care of ourselves. Self care is so important....

  • Conscious vs. Subconscious Mind.

    These are terms that are often used, yet we don’t stop to process what they mean or what the difference between them may be. ...

  • Learn How to Relax.

    Relaxation is so important, yet so many of us are so busy being busy that we just don't relax enough....

  • Explore your Learning Channel’s.

    An individual’s learning style is their best or most commonly used natural or regular pattern of acquiring and processing information....

Embrace Nature

Nature is the ultimate healer. Are you using all that nature has to offer in your spiritual life? Get your body outside and thrive.

Self Love

If you are not feeling sparkly and polished like you would like to, take the time to nurture and sooth yourself. Self love is so important.

Be Present

Wake up and be present. What energy are you calling into your life? Witness and honour all that you are and be grateful for all that you have.

Healing Your Self.

Are you being the very best version of yourself possible?

Do you know yourself?

Do you like yourself?

Do you feel safe?

Do you express yourself well?

Are you living your best life?

Are you existing or thriving?

Inner Child.

Our Inner Child has the emotional and mental age of a child.

Do you have unresolved issues from your childhood?

Does your Inner Child feel protected and safe?

Did your Inner Child receive enough love?

Does your Inner Child know that they are worthwhile?

Do you embrace your child like qualities?

Are you joyful and grateful for all that you have?

Coping Mechanisms

We all need support from time to time. Coping mechanisms can be integrated into our everyday lives so easily.

Deep Breathing.


Tapping (EFT).

Positive Affirmations.


Getting out in nature.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Tap away old unwanted emotions and tap in the new.

Tapping is a wonderful healing modality.

Quick and simple to learn.

Can be done by anyone, anywhere.

Can be used to remove unwanted thoughts and emotions.

Can be used to call new qualities in to ones energy.

Can easily be implemented into your daily routine.

Strong Songs

Healing through sound and music.

Songs and music can elicit visceral responses within our energy.

Music can transport us.

Songs can both raise and lower our energy.

Their effect can be instantaneous.

Music can aid us and be used as a coping mechanism.

Songs can create strength and positive moods and elevate our state.

Parts Therapy

Parts Therapy is a concept that our personality is composed of parts.

These parts are aspects of the subconscious mind.

Each part has its own specific function.

All individuals experience have conflicting sub-personalities.

These unbalanced parts can sabotage a person.

For example, the smoker who has a part not wanting to quit.

Are there parts of you that are in conflict or out of balance?

Happy Customers

Trace is an excellent teacher in many fields. Every effort is made to help pupils learn and understand through well thought out designed lessons where students not only get to learn the theory of the subject but also get practical hands on experience. Learning with Trace at Life Cycle Therapies is fun, easy and affordable. For past life regression Trace eases you into it effortlessly and is with you every step of the way – it’s amazing what comes up! Trace is one of the best teachers I have had, I highly recommend her for not only her professionalism, teaching ability and knowledge, but for her lovely personality as well.

Jane Melia

I had a Between Lives Regression with Tracey and cannot recommend her highly enough. She guided me through a profound experience with skill and compassion. Her therapy room is calm, modern and comfortable and Tracey herself is warm, compassionate and a very adept therapist. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone wanting hypnotherapy or regression therapy.

Del Blay

I had a past life regression and life between lives regression with Tracey. It was a wonderful experience and Tracey is a lovely soul. I would highly recommend Life Cycle Therapies.

Joanne Houghton

Choose the view that suits you.

Orient yourself towards being the best most authentic version of yourself possible in line with your highest and greatest good. Pick yourself, put yourself first and choose happiness everyday. We create our own reality, focus on what you want, not what you don't want, and let your reality be calm, joyful and beautiful.


Live in the now. Focus on self care and self love and learn how to thrive.

Go Natural

Embrace nature, choose organic foods and medicines to feel good naturally.


Schedule time to move your body in a gentle and holistic way, nurture yourself.


Life is a celebration, not an endurance test. Celebrate everything, be grateful.