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Life Between Lives (LBL)

Anyone wishing to book a Life Between Lives (LBL) session must first have had a Regression session with me. There are two main reasons for this:

£175 per session.
Each session is 2 to 3 hours long.
(All clients must have had a Past Life Regression session with me prior to receiving an LBL).
Includes an audio recording of the session.

By having experienced a PLR session first, clients are able to access much deeper trance levels during an LBL. This then allows the client to become familiar with the process, experience and feelings associated with entering trance. This also allows me the opportunity to work with clients to help them to clear any personal issues or energy attachments that may arise during the PLR session. LBL explores a client’s soul memories, spiritual connectedness, spiritual family (soul group) and the overwhelming sense of coming home which is all explored within the spirit realms. This is all accessed in the eternal now state, from the last past life death point to moving on in spirit.


At conclusion of the session the client returns with a greater understanding and desire to live their best life, as their most authentic self in line with their highest and greatest good. So many incredible learning’s can be gathered during the LBL process, these sessions are often deeply profound and energy changing. Sessions vary in length but generally last for approximately 2-3 hours. The Life Between Life regression experience is based on the research of Dr Michael Newton. Some of the memories explored in an LBL include experiencing the past life death point, being able to leave the physical body behind, travelling as an energy being through the universe to access the spiritual home known to most as the spirit realms – the place that you return to when in-between incarnations. Clients usually also experience the point when their soul returns home. Each individuals experience is so unique and different, but profound and mesmerizing. This is where they will have the opportunity to meet their soul group, their guides, helpers and angels and council of elders who are best described as knowledgeable wise beings of light who have transcended so as not to need to incarnate physically again. Many clients have the opportunity to meet with their soul family or soul group. This can be quite an emotional reunion as many clients are able to ascertain exactly who the members of their group are.

So, what happens next?

LBL regression enables you to find out for yourself. For those clients who have previously experienced Past Life Regression and are now looking for a deeper level of understanding with the opportunity to explore and partake in a more profound experience, LBL Regression is the next spiritual step on from Past Life Regression. The trance depth level of an LBL is similar to that experienced in PLR, however, rather than visiting the past, in an LBL clients are guided to visit the space that is accessed from the death point, the space when we return home, when we are ‘in-between-lives’ when we are not incarnate or in a physical body. Generally, we follow the journey from your last life on Earth, meeting your guides, helpers, angels and soul group members along the way, discovering the many learnings that you may have accumulated from previous life times and the opportunity to understand what your current life purpose may be, what you may be still working on, what you may have agreed to do. As a soul group you may all be working on a common theme, or working towards a common goal.


Perhaps you’ve always wanted to know about your purpose in life?

Perhaps you have been curious about what qualities, skills and attributes you brought with you to help and support or challenge you along the way?

All these questions and more are often answered providing a deeper insight and understanding into your life, your goals, your situation and your resilience. An LBL session is empowering and inspiring, allowing individuals to experience their own immortality which can bring a wider perspective to both life and death, along with an inner understanding and peace. It can help to elevate your wants and desires to fruition, it can help to encourage you to be the best most authentic version of yourself possible.


“For those of us who have had the opportunity to actually see our immortality, a new depth of self-understanding and empowerment emerges.”   Dr Michael Newton

What is the main purpose of an LBL Regression Session?

  • To experience the incredible peace, love and joy of the Spirit world we call Home.
  • To be able to recognize that your soul identity never dies.
  • Gaining clarity and a deeper understanding of self.
  • What are the benefits of experiencing an LBL Regression?
  • Understanding your eternal self, your purpose in this life, your destiny as a soul.
  • Understanding why you chose the particular challenges that you are currently experiencing and what their meaning and purpose is from the perspective of your soul.
  • Seeing your connection with the people who play a significant role in your current life.
  • Experiencing the bigger picture of you as eternal soul energy.
  • Understanding why you chose this particular family and this particular body and how they serve you to achieve your current purpose.
  • Reuniting with your soul group, who often reincarnate with you and help you to achieve your goals.
  • Receiving sacred knowledge from your Guide and the Council of Elders.
  • Creating more love, laughter, health and wealth in your everyday living, raising your energy and vibration.
  • The fear of death will diminish or disappear as you experience the spirit realms and the spirit world.
  • Learning how to be at peace and be at home within your own body.
  • There are unlimited possibilities and resources for inner discoveries, and each person will find the answers that they are looking for in their specific life situation.

Your Life Between Lives Session

Please note at least one PLR session is a prerequisite to LBL Regression. This is to ensure unresolved issues and blocks are cleared prior to the LBL session enabling the level of hypnosis required to enter the ‘life between lives’ memories and experiences. LBL is spiritual regression based on gathering information and knowledge, experiencing the feeling of coming ‘home’ along with many sensations as we travel through the vibrational levels without the denseness of a human body. The learning’s and experience are the focus rather than therapy itself.

What to expect

A Life Between Lives Regression session takes approximately 2-3 hours.  Because of the length of the session, it’s advisable to wear comfortable clothes. Due to the trance depth of the hypnosis, you’ll lie on a couch with your body fully supported, body temperature can drop so they’ll be blankets to ensure you are comfortable and remain warm throughout. Be open to however the universe presents the information to you, some people experience a feeling or ‘knowing’ experience rather than a visual one. Even in the deepest levels of hypnosis, your conscious mind will still be present at some level, it may feel like being an observer, surprised by the events unfolding. This in no way detracts from the experience however it’s worth knowing so you do not feel you need to question internally whether you are deep enough during the regression. Over the years, I have found that as with PLR, an LBL session does not necessarily need to be conducted in a deeper level of trance, it is akin to that of a PLR session.

How to prepare

  • Think about your objectives for the session. Possible ones include your current life purpose and spiritual and karmic progress.
  • Why certain events have happened in your life, spotting soul group members in this life and meeting your spirit guide.
  • Write a list of all your questions and email them to me at least 24 hours before your session.
  • Identify between 8 to 10 significant people in your life who have had either a positive or negative impact on you.
  • State the relationship they have with you and list three adjectives for each e.g. Kathy – Sister; protective, encouraging, over-bearing.
  • Before the session it is best to be well rested, eat a light meal and avoid too much water or caffeine.
  • After the session, you may be tired, and your mind will probably continue to process the information.
  • It is recommended that you plan a leisurely time immediately after the session for rest and reflection.
  • Allow plenty of time for your return journey especially if you need to drive a car.