I have helped many clients access repressed memories relating to alien issues and would love to help you too. 

£110 for 1.5 – 2 hour session; a session recording is also included. This is a very normal process using hypnotherapy to access and unlock information that appears to be hidden but can be easily reached via the use of trance and achieving an altered state.

  • Accessing memories of other planets and past lives that were not on earth.
  • Current life memories where they feel that they have been in contact with other life forms.
  • Information on abductions or sightings that they think may have happened during their current life.
  • Assistance with decoding and understanding dreams involving other life forms.

I have had some fascinating results and due to this I have added this page as I believe that there are probably many other individuals who may also be seeking clarity on some of the issues listed above.  

No two sessions are the same, however I use a mixture of regression and hypnotherapy to help unlock hidden memories in these sessions.

There are so many inhabitants from other worlds and planets that have chosen to incarnate on earth at present.  

There are many reasons for this, but this can often leave the individual who has come from another world feeling like they don’t fit it, and often these individuals have dreams or even glimpses of memories that are not from their current life and this can feel very confusing. 

I arrived at life Cycle Therapies on the 29/01/2019 for an alien and other world session. I was welcomed by Tracey into her lovely home where she has created a calming and tranquil space to relax in. Tracey is truly amazing, she listened to me and accepted my experiences in this area and then asked what I wanted/needed from my session. Despite being frightened Tracey put me at ease and i soon started talking about the visions I was having. I struggled at first to get clear answers but Tracey was patient with me and asked the right questions. She was very professional, warm and empathetic. Overall it was a very powerful, overwhelming and enlightening experience. I am excited to see her again soon. 

Sadie Forrest

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