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I had no idea that I could be susceptible to an attachment and before my experience was very sceptical, not believing that they happen to anyone. I walked into the room with Tracey who said she could sense two people with me. I had a thumping headache and feelings of nausea, which I couldn’t explain. She tuned into me and the heat in the room increased dramatically whilst she connected to ‘Jack’. When she released him, there was a notable drop in the energy and temperature within the room. The other attachment was an uncle of mine and as we talked through his reason for being with me and in doing so I was able to let go of a lot of guilt that I had recently been feeling. I left feeling physically better and emotionally lighter.



“Tracey” is a creative, inspiring, empowering trainer who is able to demonstrate immense knowledge alongside an ability to connect and engage with her audience from a place of warmth, compassion and authenticity.  To work with someone of such skill, perception and integrity was a most enriching, valuable and humbling experience for me.”

Louise Caine

Student, Past Life Regression Academy – U.K

It is so difficult to try  and put into words how beneficial doing a Hypnotherapy Course with Tracey Robins was. Throughout the course I got the chance to explore my spiritual side and  embrace new learning’s which I could use to benefit not only myself but the people I care about. I also had a chance to have a number of hypnotherapy sessions for anxiety which have truly changed my life for the better. Upon completing the course I feel strong, more confident and spiritually awakened.  The whole experience was truly enlightening and one that I will remember for the rest of my life. Thankyou Trace, you truly are a remarkable human being.  Your gift has touched my heart and my spirit and I am truly grateful for the blessing you have bestowed upon  me.

B. Brooks



Tracey Robins
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