What does your protection consist of?

It is important to note that every time that we remove energy from our system, that we fill the space created by the removal with healing, that we completely refill the area and then seal in all of the goodness so that there is no weak spot in our energetic field for something else to reattach to the place that the energy was removed from.

We need to do the same with space, a home, building office etc.  Once all intrusive energy has been removed from the space, a place can often feel very fragmented, disjointed and not cohesive.  We need to re-unit the energy, draw it all back together and seal in the area so that the balance and harmony that has been restored stays in the cleansed space.  We will talk further on this throughout the modules, for now, we are going to learn how to ensure that we are adequately protected at all times.

No matter what kind of spiritual work you are doing, whether it be Meditation, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Regression etc. it is important to always ensure that you are correctly protected both personally and environmentally.  By environmentally I mean the house, room, building that you are working in, which, will need to be clear and free of any intrusive energies, just like your own energy field. 

Once the removal of intrusive energies has been done these energy fields will need to be maintained and kept clear and free at all times.  When we are enacting our protection, we are striving to protect our mind, body, and energy system as a whole.  We also need to ensure that we do this constantly for our environment as well.  Thoughts, feelings, and emotions can disrupt the energy of a space or place, so it is important to cleanse and clear not only yourself but your space regularly.

What does your current protection consist of?

How often do you amplify or re-establish your protection?

Do you think that what you are currently doing is enough?

Do you protect your home, work, and car as well as yourself?

If you do, what does your space protection consist of?

Have you ever had issues with intrusive energies in your space before?