02-03 May 2020 – Essex

03-04 October 2020 – Manchester

  • Would you like to know where your first ever incarnation occurred?
  • On what planet you lived and what you were doing there?
  • Do you ever dream about another world?  Another planet, another civilisation?
  • Do you wonder what your life purpose is and if it relates to other lives as well?
  • Do you ever wonder what you are doing here on Earth?
  • Do you sometimes suffer from homesickness for no apparent reason?
  • Do you feel different from others? Do you feel alienated from others?
  • Do you wonder what lessons you are here to learn and what the issues and emotions involved in those lessons are?
  • Do you feel that someone is protecting you?
  • Are you interested in crystals formed by meteorites?
  • Are you fascinated by the stars and other worlds?

If you have ever asked questions such as those above, or have similar questions to ask, this 2 day workshop can help you to feel as though you belong. Come along and find out where you come from, where your origins are and learn how to make your life on earth more comfortable.