We are, each of us in essence psychic, able to tune into that which is generally unseen, unheard and unfelt.  Everyone has had at least one unexplainable psychic or intensely spiritual event in their lives, something unexplainable yet profound. 

Perhaps they may have had an overwhelming knowing, or were visited by a loved one who has passed on or smelt their perfume or aftershave, had a prolific dream to awaken and find out that it had occurred, or had an angelic visitor that left them white feathers. 

We are energetic beings.  We are soul energy having a human experience, not humans having an energetic experience. 

We are energy and everything is made up of energy.  When we die our bodies are left behind and we return to our true energetic form.

When we reincarnate our energy is downloaded into a new vessel, and it is because we are all energetic beings that we are able to tune into anything, anywhere at any time.

I have heard so many amazing stories and I can’t wait to hear yours.

£200 for each module, £600 in total.

Module 1:   14-15 Sept 2019
Module 2:   16-17 Nov 2019
Module 3:   TBA

What these courses cover

These courses offer an overview of the disciplines involved in working psychically and spiritually.  They explore spiritual mindfulness and assist individuals to use their own energy to tune into their environment, just like tuning in a radio to the desired station. It is in this tuning in that we are able to access unlimited information.  These workshops start with the basics and build from there combining a mixture of talks, games, meditations, and visualizations with the chance to practice and learn how to work with energy.

Three 2-day workshops (Mod1, Mod2 & Mod3) have been designed to cover the fundamentals of Tuning In, of learning to access your own psychic abilities from the essential basics through to being ready to accept messages and signs in your daily lives. This training has been set up so that students get to sample and try lots of different ways of working with energy.  Bit sized chunks of new information, just enough to give you an overview, a taster of what is out there.  This is a great way to help you determine what if anything you would like to study next.


Module 1:

This module includes 17 Exercises and each module has many experiential sessions where students work together to practice what they have just learned along with talks and guided meditations. 

Students receive a colour manual for each module which is set up like a workbook so that individuals can record information from the exercises as they work through them.

  • Relaxation Meditation with journal entry
  • Meditation vs. Guided Meditation
  • Energy Management
  • MOT energetic check up
  • What does your protection consist of?
  • What is the best way to protect yourself energetically?
  • Creating a protective trinket or charm
  • Creating sacred space
  • Products and tips on opening and protecting
  • Products and tips on closing down and grounding
  • Three main ways of receiving messages from spirit
  • The difference between Psychic abilities, Mediumistic abilities and Channelling
  • Energy Projection
  • Water readings
  • Chakras
  • Mudras and chanting to open chakras
  • Colour therapy

Module 2:

  • Discovering trapped emotions
  • The power of magnets and how to use them
  • How to release and clear trapped emotions
  • Muscle testing
  • Kinesiology
  • Ideomotor Response IMR
  • Heart Wall
  • Working with Pendulums.
  • Understanding how they work and how they can be used

  • Learning Channels
  • Conscious mind vs. Subconscious mind
  • Emo Trance
  • This Module includes 11 Exercises

Module 3:

  • Exploring the Claire’s (Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience)
  • Isometry
  • Reiki and energy healing
  • An Introduction to Hypnotherapy
  • Cord Therapy – Using Hypnotherapy to transform hooks and links to our energy field
  • Parts Therapy
  • Past Life Regression
  • Experience a mini Past Life Experience

These workshops offer a wonderful opportunity to learn about tuning into energy and exploring psychic ability in a safe and fun environment.

A £50.00 deposit is paid at the time of booking. The balance £150.00 to be paid 21 days prior to course.

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