27-28 June 20 – Eccles, Manchester

29-30 August 20 – Braintree, Essex

During this course you will have the opportunity to connect to the parts in your Soul Continuum that require your attention now, and experience shifts which will be reflected in your physical life.  You will feel more in flow with your life, more energised and clearer about what you need to do day to day.

There are many facets to our Soul energy.  There is not just one frequency which our energy omits, but a band of frequencies together with many interlocking energetic systems at play within our energy bubble.  It is so important to work through all the activities set out in this course, and to journal your findings, your understandings and your realisations as this will provide you with a much deeper level of clarity to assist you in your current life. 

Only when we are truly in touch with our emotions, can we be in true alignment with ourselves and with any energy work that we are involved with.  Only when we connect to the parts in our Soul Continuum that require our attention now, do we find additional understanding.  It is also about getting an overview of our purpose here on Earth and what we are here to learn.  By collecting different pieces of information via different techniques, we can put together the bigger picture, a bit like a jigsaw.  We are very rarely given all the pieces at one time as it would simply be too much for us to handle and process.