6 pack of prerecorded sessions.

Sleep is so important. Some individuals can cope on relatively little sleep, with others needing at least 8 hours to function properly. It is important to listen to your body and ensure that you are receiving the right amount of sleep for you. So many people don’t sleep properly, and with life styles getting busier, work hours getting longer and stress and high blood pressure at an all time high, more than one in ten take sleeping tablets (13%) or drink alcohol (13%) to aid sleep.

Each of these pre-recorded sessions is the standard length of a normal hypnotherapy session, usually done in person at £45 per hour with each session generally taking at least 1.5 hours. So, this 6 pack of recordings is valued at over £270 and available to you today at the amazing price of just £60.  These sessions work really well when listening to a different recording each day for a 30-day period. You only need to listen to the pre session recording once, then you can start at number 1 and work your way through with a different recording each day for a month.

You can of course listen to the recordings in any order you like, as little or as often as you like, it’s completely up to you and your personal preferences. Positive permanent change seems to be elicited more effectively and is often taken on board and more readily accepted via the use of repetition. The more that you listen, the greater your relaxation will be. So, get comfy, settle down and treat yourself to a wonderful dose of relaxation readying your mind and body for a deep restful nights sleep.