Receiving messages from spirit

Three main ways of receiving messages from spirit


The word psychic describes many different spiritual modalities and ways of working that allow an individual to sense, read and tune into the energy of a person, place or thing.  Psychic ability involves using any and/or all of the commonly noted range of senses and perceptions, it is also important to note that psychic skill will far surpass the general senses as psychics are able to deep dive not only into the senses but emotions, body language, and speech. 

It is interesting to note that many psychics have a heightened sense perception range, they may have an amazing ability to hear what many people miss, to see that which is not obvious until pointed out, to taste base flavours in foods that others find difficult to break down and they are often the people who are completely transported by a smell.  Most psychics are able to read an object, place or person through touch.  This is called isometry and it is how psychics gain valuable information by gathering knowing’s, or truths, by tuning into the object they can glean information about the origin, history, story and emotion and much more.

Generally speaking, psychic ability does not involve working with spirit, and by spirit, I mean elementals, the fae kingdom, dragons and angels, earth bounds or any other deceased entity or energy.  Psychic ability is literally tuning into the vibrational range or pattern of a person place or thing.  Think of this like a radio, so instead of moving the dial up and down to tune into a station, you are actually tuning into another energy or entity.  Through this tuning in, many psychics can also receive information relating to a person’s past, present or future lives.

A psychic who works as a therapist, especially a regression or future life therapist may be able to tune into their client throughout the session and actually see and hear much of what is being experienced by the client through the transference of energy.  


Mediums work differently to psychics as they communicate directly with spirit, they don’t necessarily need to tune into the vibrational patterns, they simply talk with individual spirit’s (the residual energy of a deceased person) and can feedback to the living what information the spirit is imparting directly to them.  Sometimes a medium may only see the spirit and be unable to hear them, sometimes they can be heard and not seen, sometimes it is just a knowing, an absolute truth which can be shared, but most often mediums can link in and hear and see and smell at the same time. 

All mediums have psychic abilities, however, not all psychics have mediumship abilities.  I truly believe that these skills can be learned and enhanced through practice and exercises specially designed to help manifest these abilities.


Channelling is a little more difficult to explain.  To me, it feels as though I am being overlaid by an energy, almost like another energy is trying to use my body to speak through me by sitting on me and covering my physical body.  This can be quite an uncomfortable feeling and can often take a lot of practice to find a comfortable balance.  Usually, the energies are those that seem to have a divine purpose, a message to share to a group or to the world.  The messages are often profound and emotive.

When channelling, it is good to set the intention that you only contact and connect with energies and vibrations from the higher spiritual realms, those that are compatible with your own energy, those that have divine guidance to share and those that can work within your highest and greatest good.  This could include archangels, ascended masters, E. T’s, beings from other stars and planets and perhaps even deities and keepers of the land and trees.