My name is Tracey Robins. I was born in Melbourne, Australia and am privileged to have travelled widely, now calling Manchester, England my home.

Tracey Robins, GHR Reg, GQHP, MPLTA, CRSST, CNHC

IPHM Accredited Training Provider

GHSC Accredited Training and CRSST Stop Smoking Accredited Practitioner

I enjoy life fully, finding joy and passion in many things. From a young age I realised that I can see, feel and converse with spirits and now enjoy helping others do the same. 

I had my first Past Life experience with a meditation circle and was forever hooked, immediately seeing its potential to transform and heal current life issues. I draw upon a mixture of many varied therapies with my clients.

I am always learning. I attend seminars and events to improve my skills and delve regularly into an endless list of reading materials that is as challenging as it is enlightening. I am a great believer in the fact that we don’t always get what we want, but we always get what we need.

I am based in Eccles M30 very near the town centre close to all transport links and the Trafford Centre.


I would relish the chance to help you on your journey, assisting in a way that is right for you.

Trace is such a lovely lady! She has helped my so much with my anxiety and phobias through hypnotherapy and one on one talking. Trace really has changed my life for the better and I would highly recommend going to see her for a session.

Sarah Earnshaw

I give my clients the tools to achieve their own sense of well-being

Helping to unlock their potential through Inner peace and balance. We all have this ability, all healing comes from within. Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy are amazing tools that can facilitate this healing and ultimately transform your life. I would relish the chance to help you on your journey, assisting in a way that is right for you.


I am a practising Wiccan and have been utilising energy techniques for many years.

I enjoy sharing this craft with both friends and clients; I  run psychic development circles helping others make sense of their own gifts. I advocate ‘living in the now’, understanding that what went before is the past, it is done, but has contributed to who you are today, and therefore has been essential.

Life Cycle Therapies incorporates many different tools and techniques as part of a standard Hypnosis Session. A recording of each session is also supplied and emailed to the client as an MP4. A session can include:

Current Life Regression

Using hypnotherapy to regress a client back to significant events in their current life with the opportunity to view and clear away any trauma or blocks. This can also include age regression and progression which offers further avenues for healing.

Inner Child Work

The inner child is a term that is used by various psychological therapies. It refers to a person’s inner most self, their true or original self, the self that is developed before puberty, frequently thought of as being hidden or concealed once in adulthood.

Parts Therapy

Parts Therapy is a concept that our personality is composed of parts. These parts are aspects of the subconscious mind and each part has its own specific function. All individuals at one time or another have conflicting sub personalities.

Cord Cutting

Removing links, ties, hooks and cords to past events and significant moments that are no longer serving the individual within their highest and greatest good. This can bring about a wonderful sense of freedom and offers the courage to move on.

Emo Trance

Emo Trance is short for Emotional Transformation. It is a technique that is used by many therapists to assist clients to identify energy blockages within their energy bodies, and then to move them on and heal and transform them.

Emotion Code

This technique is about discovering and removing trapped emotions, checking our energy and physicality to source if we have any blockages caused by emotions that have not been dealt with properly.


Emotional Freedom Technique – Tapping and PSTEC (Percussive Suggestion Technique) Using sound and movement to bring about extraordinary change. 2 amazing modalities that can be added into a session to further facilitate healing.

Coping Mechanisms

Learn some wonderful new techniques that will help you mange life in a more consistent and stream lined way from conscious breathing, bi lateral tapping, learning how to quickly flip a situation, positive thought processes and many more.

Mindfulness Techniques

Including guided meditation, dream and vision boards, affirmations and relaxation techniques with the understanding that what we think about we bring about. Time to create positive new thought processes.