Meditation is the act of being still, of quietening our minds as much as possible, but more over it is about being mindfully awake and powerfully still, of being present in the moment and aware of what is happening in our minds and bodies at the time of meditating.  It is difficult and almost impossible in our busy modern times to switch our thoughts off completely.  The thought of even trying to do this seems to cause some individuals stress in itself, and this fact seems to be where many people feel as though they have failed in the process even before they have given meditation a proper chance.  When meditating, it is easier to embrace all that is going on within and without and to almost direct our awareness away from it.

Meditation is about one on one time with ourselves.  It is focussing our intention to promote and increase balance within our lives and to raise our energy our vibrations which in turn increases our attention, productivity, health, and wellbeing.  There are many different philosophies on how best to meditate, the environment, state of mind and situation necessary to perfect and manage a meditative state.  Please note that there is not one correct or perfect way to meditate.  Everyone responds differently and will access a meditative state in a slightly different way. The objective of meditation is to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state.  When we meditate we use internal focus rather than external focus.  With our eyes closed, we are able to focus within on our inner voice and beliefs rather than being distracted and lead by external distractions and stimuli.

With the pressures and business of modern living, we often neglect to feed and nurture our souls, and our inner being, as we become very focused on our objective, that is the external world around us.  Our inner or subjective world and our objective world exist in the same time and space, so it is important that we acknowledge and honour both as necessary and vital in our lives, and meditation helps us to balance both.

Objective PolarityExternal focus, our outer world.  Thinking sits here. Negative
Subjective PolarityInternal focus, our inner world.  Stillness site here. Positive

Both polarity’s share space and exist together.  You can’t have one without the other, so it is good to embrace both.  Meditation serves to create space for internal focus, amplifying our subjective polarity, which expands our awareness and creates the space for self-expression, healing, and relaxation.

The benefits of meditation are well documented, and meditation is now prescribed by many medical doctors and GP’s as a legitimate way to calm anxiety, relieve stress, manage high blood pressure and combat the signs of a busy and full life with little free time to unwind and relax. ff