How the brain reacts

What happens to the brain during a Hypnotherapy session?

Brainwaves are the activity of the brain, electrical impulses which are measured in hertz or cycles per second using an EEG (electroencephalograph).  Brainwaves are named after letters of the Greek alphabet. 

You can see below that it is the Alpha and Theta brainwaves that are accessed during a hypnotherapy session.  The Alpha state at least needs to be accessed to achieve a trance depth deep enough to enact positive permanent change in a client.  Please note, however, that not all clients will access a Theta state.  It is not essential that a Theta state is accessed for a client to enact change, however, it is advantageous.

Gamma:          Brainwaves that occur during times of heightened awareness

Beta:               Brainwaves that occur during normal waking activity

Alpha:             Brainwaves that occur during light hypnosis – Always accessed in a session

Theta:             Brainwaves that occur during deep hypnosis – Often accessed in a session

Delta:              Brainwaves that occur during deep sleep

During sleep, a person cycles through Alpha, Theta and Delta phases at approximately 90-minute intervals.  The next page highlights the pattern of the brainwaves as depicted by using an EEG.  It is interesting to see when viewing pictures of brain waves just how busy and enlarged the Alpha and Theta brain patterns look in comparison to the other phases of trance. It makes sense that these would be the stages then that the brain is more prepared to accept and take on board suggestions.