Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is when there is a guide or a narrator directing the meditation session. There is usually background music and an individual who runs the session, directing the attendees to experience the session by seeing, feeling, hearing or sensing the information in a way that is right for them. There is an extraordinary power to a guided meditation session. The results seem to be deeper and more profound as no conscious thought is needed to drive the session, you are simply following. This then takes a lot of pressure of the meditator as they can just breath, relax and follow the suggestions and directions and allow themselves to be taken on a journey.

We can literally be transported to a different time, realm, planet, or taken back or forward to events in our current lives, and future lives all by relaxing and trusting in the narrator, our energy and the power of our minds. Individuals report all kinds of feelings and emotions elicited by a guided meditation from floating to flying to feeling as though they have totally left their bodies. Some visit other places, other times, planets, dimensions and realms. There is no limit to what can be accessed, and each individuals experience is different and intensely personal to them.

The key to an amazing session comes from our ability to relax, to trust the process and to get out of our own way. The more that we access a trance-like state, the quicker and easier we allow ourselves to trust, let go and just enjoy. Throughout the modules, you will be partaking in several guided meditations, where you will be directed and talked down into an altered state to allow yourself to experience a situation whether it be real, imagined or something that may be impossible to access in a normal waking state.

Have you done silent meditation before?

Have you experienced guided meditation before?

Did you notice any differences between the two types of meditation?

What has been the best body position for you to achieve the best results whilst meditating?

Have you been able to leave your body?

Were you transported to another time or place?

Have you felt heat, vibration, energy, floating, flying in your body as part of meditation?

What else have you experienced whilst meditating?