13-14 June 20 – Eccles, Manchester

01-02 August 20 – Braintree, Essex

£200 for 2 day workshop. Venue to be confirmed.

This is a fast paced, action packed two-day workshop which is immersive, experiential and includes talks, demonstrations, practice sessions and covers a wide range of topics some of which have been listed below.

  • Soul Continuum
  • Introduce the concept of energy equalling consciousness
  • Exploring our energy and consciousness
  • Bleed through, what is it, when does it happen and how can we tune into it
  • Concept that this lifetime is not the only reality
  • Exploring other places and other versions of ourselves
  • How to witness our other selves
  • That time is not linear and that all of our lives past, present and future are happening simultaneously, as well as other existences on other planets.
  • Our consciousness is not in our physical brain but is now believed to be in our energy field
  • Vibrational medicines such as essential oils and crystals also have a consciousness and cause our energy to entrain with their vibration and therefore shift slightly.  This is why they are so effective. 
  • Is there also another connection when we use essential oils or crystals?  Do the consciousness of our chakras, relate or talk to the consciousness of the oil or crystal.  Do they decide together how much to shift?  Do they assess our entire energy field before affecting us? 
  • Anything with energy has an element of consciousness.
  • What is Interdimensional Travel? Moving into other realities, dimensions, planes and being able to access information and understandings whilst there.
  • Like an insect’s eye there are lots of versions of us, but slightly different.  Some our wispy because they have been a fleeting thought, but we have put no energy or intention into them, some are identical to us now but perhaps with a different hairstyle, or preference of clothes etc.
  •  We can access these other lives through trance and bring back information, or simply view our progress through life and understand that we are in the best life possible, or how we can change things if we not where we want to be.
  •  We call these Earth Shifts, as they are all happening on the earth’s plane.