Creating a protection trinket or charm

Intention is everything, without it we couldn’t heal or drive ourselves to achieve the amazing things that we do.  There is such power behind a well thought out and properly set intention.  Intention is what we use when we set up a charm or trinket to keep us safe.  There are several different ways that we can do this.  Not only will you need to use your intention or will for this, you will need to truly believe that what you are creating has the ability and power to keep you safe no matter what the circumstances.  If you do not believe what you are doing, you will not be able to successfully create a protective object for yourself.

Select a trinket or charm that you would like to use as your protector.  A charm that can be put on a necklace seems to work really well, you can then ensure that you are wearing it every day and can simply wear it under your clothes if you don’t want it to be seen.

Before setting your intent into the charm and necklace chain, you need to ensure that they are clean and clear of any energy.  The quickest way to do this is to set the charm and necklace on a bed of salt and leave it out under a full moon to clean and charge.  You can also surround the pieces with crystals and herbs and say the cleansing mantra over and over again to help build up powerful positive protective energy.  It goes without saying, that the more effort, time and love that you put into creating a protective charm, the more powerful the object will be.  Take this seriously, put in the time and effort that will yield the most wonderful results.

Once you have done the above and cleansed the pieces so that they are free of energy that is not your own they are ready to be set up, to be layered with your intent, but most importantly they are now waiting for direction and guidance as to what you require of them.  This stage is really important.  You need to let the pieces know what it is that you need them to do.  You need to speak to the chain and charm separately and then bring them together and unite the pieces so that they work together as a whole.

It is often easiest to sit and write down what you need to say.  Read it out loud and make any changes before you say and set your intention into the pieces.  Let it know exactly what you expect of it.  Once you are happy with what you have written, hold the pieces in your dominant hand and speak your intention out loud to the pieces. You will need to do this process three times and after the third time waft the pieces above a candle flame so that the heat sets your intent into the pieces.

You have now created your own protection amulet that will continue to work for you.  Remember that you will periodically need to cleanse your necklace especially if you wear it constantly as it will pick up on your emotions and state of mind.  You may also like to reinforce your intent when you cleanse it to add even more layer’s protection.