Life Cycle Therapies offers various training courses and workshops, all of which are accredited by the IPHM. Any individual who successfully completes any of the training offered will automatically be eligible to join the IPHM.

Foundation Hypnosis Training

This foundation level hypnotherapy training focuses on the ‘whole person’, that is the physical, emotional and spiritual attributes along with the person as an energetic entity.  As one of the trainers of this exciting and life-transforming course, I am absolutely passionate about hypnotherapy as a non-invasive and extremely effective holistic healing modality for everyone. This course offers the freedom to experience first-hand personal transformations that you can then relay to your future clients.

Advanced Hypnosis Training

Advanced Hypnotherapy is designed to provide extra tools and information that individuals can add to the skills that they learned in the certification course. 

This training is covered over 4 days just like the Foundation Hypnotherapy Training. It include talks, demonstrations, student participation, experiential and practical sessions done in pairs or triads and a wonderful manual to follow along from.

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LCT Regression Therapy Training

These courses are just amazing and really set you up to feel confident and ready to run your own practice and see clients.

The Foundation Level Hypnosis Training is a pre-requisite and once completed you can then start the PLR Training. This training is a wonderful mixture of holistic, spiritual and psychic modalities that have been blended together to form the basis of the Training.

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Psychic Development Classes

Are you interested in honing your psychic abilities?

Are you able to see and feel things that others don’t?

Do you have overwhelming knowings but don’t know where they come from?

Come along and join in these great fun classes that run via zoom once a month zoom from the comfort of your own home.

Tracey is a creative, inspiring, empowering trainer who is able to demonstrate immense knowledge alongside an ability to connect and engage with her audience from a place of warmth, compassion and authenticity. To work with someone of such skill, perception and integrity was a most enriching, valuable and humbling experience for me.

Louise Caine