Pain Management

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Pain Management – 6 Pack

This pack includes 6 separate recordings that will assist you with your Pain Management needs.

Pain is debilitating, exhausting and can really lower mood and mental stability and overall effectiveness. If you want to manage your pain in a drug free way these recordings are a great place to start. They assist the listener to work through each body part visualising healing, movement and mobility.

The ‘Curable’ pain app suggests, “All pain originates in the brain and that pain is an opinion not a fact.  To get rid of pain you have to treat the brain”

That’s where hypnotherapy comes to the fore. The recordings work well when used over a 30 day period, listening to a different recording each day.

Along with the 6 individual recordings there is also an information recording that explains how hypnotherapy works, when and where to listen to the recordings and all necessary information needed to get the very best out of your 6 pack.

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