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In these busy times of high stress for many individuals it has become even more important to stake stock, to be present in our lives, to feed not just our bodies, but our minds and souls as well.  With the hustle and bustle of each day, we often forget to pay attention to the internal and external experiences that are occurring around and within us.  It’s often not until we get run down stressed or unwell that we start to question how we have been living.  Mindfulness gives us the space to stop, regroup, and work out what is important and what can be left till another day.

Combining mindfulness practices with healing can have a profound and immediate impact on our lives.  Life Cycle Therapies offers a unique way to heal and relax assisting the client to work with issues both known and unknown using a therapy developed by Trace called Cord Therapy. This technique uses a mixture of hypnotherapy, relaxation, visualisation and energy work to help elicit real change in the individual’s life.

We each have links, ties and hooks that lead to past events in our current lives, past events in past lives, and attachments to both people and places that are no longer healthy.  Cord therapy explores these links and allows the individual to heal, sever and remove any unwanted energy from their energy field giving them the freedom and control to bring about their own healing.  We often think that we have worked through a situation, healed a past issue believing that it no longer has a hold on us, but often there is still residual emotion trapped in our bodies and our subconscious mind has not been able to let go.  Cord therapy works on the physical and energetic body, locating and removing any links that can hold us back from being the best versions of ourselves.  Healing these cords has such a wonderful impact to our physicality, emotional state and sense of belonging; it is such a quick way to facilitate amazing change in our daily lives.


Tracey Robins
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